Whole Schooling Consortium
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The Whole Schooling Consortium is a network of schools, university faculty, teachers, parents, and community members whose goals are to:

1.Promote Whole Schooling practices through research, professional development, and advocacy, particularly in schools that serve children from low income families and/or who are at risk. 
2. Build a grassroots network of schools, university faculty, and community members who can provide mutual support to one another. 
3. Link urban, suburban, and rural schools in promoting Whole Schooling practices. 

4. Develop a network of exemplary schools who are intentionally seeking to promote both equity and excellence in educational practices. 

5. Conduct research to understand best educational practices.


Whole Schooling is based on the following FIVE PRINCIPLES:

1.Empowering citizens in a democracy: The goal of education is to help students learn to function as effective citizens in a democracy. 

2.Including all: All children learn together across culture, ethnicity, language, ability,gender, & age. 

3.Authentic, multi-level teaching. Teachers design instruction for diverse learners that engages them in active learning in meaningful, real-world activities at multiple levels of ability, providing scaffolds and adaptations as needed.

4.Building community & supporting learning:The school uses specialized school and community resources (special education, title I, gifted education) to build support for students, parents, and teachers; build community and mutual support within the classroom and school; provide proactive supports for students with behavioral challenges.
5. Partnerships: Educators build genuine collaboration within the school and with families and the community; engage the school in strengthening the community; and provide guidance to engage students, parents, teachers, and others in decision-making and direction of learning & school activities.


If you want to promote schools like this, we invite you to join us as an individual, a school, or organization. We work together in many ways that include: (1) organizing a yearly summer institute, (2) monthly meetings to share, learn, and organize for action, (3) work with schools to use Whole Schooling as a framework for school renewal, (4) conducting research and professional development, and (5) developing materials and documents including a quarterly newsletter. You can be involved in any of these areas of work. 


For more information


Whole Schooling Consortium, c/o 217 Education,

WSU, Detroit, Michigan  48202


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